Slow Food

What was your favorite meal growing up? Mine was fondue. It was what I would request for all of my birthdays. In later years we took a hiatus and went out for hibachi, Benihana was a new experience for the special occasion. Soon enough we returned to fondue. These meals were events!

I love slow food–not slow cooking food, but food that takes a long time to eat like fondue, crab legs, peel and eat shrimp, and Japanese hibachi. Food like this is an experience, an event. It creates an even larger space for conversation and connection while lingering over the food. In an era where everything is instant and fast food places serve up something you can eat on the way to whatever is next, slow food is countercultural and goes against the grain. For that reason, in this day and age, I’m calling slow food Christian. 🙂

This past Advent, I think it was Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve, my family and I sat down for fondue, we reminisced about the year, gave God glory for all of the highs and recognized where God met us in the lows, it was wonderful. It was so wonderful we agreed we would make this a new tradition and dubbed it “fondue and feelings,” perhaps “fondue and faithfulness” might be more appropriate.

Meal sharing as an event takes place throughout the Scriptures from the Passover, to the Wedding at Cana,  the Last Supper, and the Feast we will share at the Heavenly Banquet Table when the Kingdom of God is fully realized. These meals call to our attention the mysterious quality of shared food and transformational nature of this distinctly incarnational experience.

Is there an “Event” meal you share regularly or a favorite slow food? I’d love to hear your stories!

Enjoy this song from Amanda Opelt about Communion.

A blessing: God of us all, meet us in the food we share. Call us to linger a bit longer savoring the connection between the Giver and those with whom we eat. Amen.



One thought on “Slow Food

  1. I love a dinner party! No more than 8 at the table. I enjoy serving a complete meal – appetizer, salad, entree and dessert with coffee. Of course, a bottle of great wine is a wonderful addition to the meal. I find a dinner such as this allows time for great conversation and connection with friends.

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